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Hello and today I'm gonna show you can use our plug-in gravity to PDF to use gravity forms to populate forms made with Acrobat so we can make form filled PDF documents so I created a sample here to show us sort of the idea of what we can do and this is just a sample that shows the different field types that we can create now obviously you can create significantly more complex forms and that will show you example here will like this example this lease agreement here I have this has you know many different fields and this might be a sample of a document that you may want to collect from your website and fill in using the gravity form and then have this sent to you know an email address or something so for the sample here we're gonna just show you a simpler form just to you show you how the plug-in works and how you can actually collect data and then you know I'll make some more videos showing more complicated forms and how you can create a complicated documentation workflow process using gravity to PDF so in the sample form we have our our fields here already created and the next step we need to do is create a gravity form to collect our results so we're gonna call this field types mainly because that's what we named our our form and what we need to do is create a gravity form field for each of the PDF fields that we want to collect information for so I'm going to start with a text box I'm going to call it text box because that's what it's called on our gravity form the next one we have is a paragraph box call that paragraph are next one here down the list is our date field so we're going to take our advance field then we're gonna do a date field it's already named for us after our date field we're gonna do email collect an email address next on our list we have a radio group and we want to include two choices for Radio options so we have some radio buttons here and this by default that gives us three options or we didn't put a third option on our PDF form so we're just going to remove that from the option and then we have a drop down field as our next field here so we're gonna do a drop down now drop down we can have as many options on the form as we want because in the PDF it is a single area so I mean it it you don't have to define that on the PDF and we could make as many options as we want let's call us so we can add as many as we want I wanna make sure we name this so we'll call this check this is a drop-down drop-down and then lastly we want to do some check boxes and we have three check boxes on our our form so we want to include three check box options on our gravity forms so we'll do some check boxes here and this is going to be a check box group so we got our option one option two and option three so check box okay let's let's save our form we'll see forgot to name our radio option so let's radio and we're just gonna update our form now in our paid version we have the ability to automatically create a gravity form from a PDF document on...
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